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The Finance Department is responsible for coordinating all the financial activities of the Municipality. The major areas of responsibility of the department are property taxation, water and sewer utility billing, other source revenues, accounts payable, payroll, budgeting, accounting and financial management. 


Rates for 2020/2021

Tax Sale

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A list of forms and processes

Tax Rebates

County and Provinical Options

Low Income Tax Exemption

Local Improvements Charges

Municipal and Public Works Office Closure

Municipal and Public Works Office Closure

On the advice of the Government of Nova Scotia and the Chief Public Health Officer, the Municipal Office and the Public Works Building will be closed to the public starting at 9:00am Wednesday April 28, 2021. Municipal staff will remain on site. The Beech Hill...



The Municipality of the County of Antigonish is giving notice of a Property Tax Sale by Sealed Tender. Tenders will be accepted until 2:00 P.M. AST, Wednesday, March 3, 2021. Successful bidder will be contacted on March 10th, 2021. For more details and a list of...

Department News

Tax Sale by Sealed Tender

Preparations are now underway for Tax Sale by Sealed Tender.  If you are a taxpayer in the County of Antigonish and your tax or utility account is two or more years in arrears, your property could be sold at tax sale. For all of the information including key dates for...

Low Income Tax Exemption 2020

Municipal Council approved an increase to the Low Income Tax Exemption, increasing the rebate to a maximum of $200 with a total household income for 2019 not exceeding $30,000. For a copy of the Low Income Tax Exemption Form, click here.

2020-2021 Property Tax & Area Rates

Below are the Property Tax and Area Rates for 2020-2021 Property Class Residential $0.88 per $100 of assessment Commercial $1.46 per $100 of assessment Resource $0.88 per $100 of assessment Farm Exempt Forest Acreage $0.25 per acre (less than 50,000 acres) Forest...

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Payment Options

Payment of the taxes, interest and expenses must be made by Cash, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex.), Certified Cheque (Money Order) or Lawyers Trust Cheque. For more information on payments please click on the link below.


Allison Duggan CPA-CA – Director of Finance
Vera Rhynold Assistant to Director of Finance
Jacqueline Cleary Financial Analyst
Darlene Thompson Tax Clerk 1
Tracey MacEachern Tax Clerk 2

Sarah Jane MacDonald

Linda Arsenault (Interim)

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