Broadband Updates

Update #5 – November 2020

NSP has been working on the make ready requirements for both the Goshen and Malignant Cove projects over the past week and making good progress. It appears that there are 15 remaining work orders for Malignant cove and 31 for Goshen. They are expecting to complete this work over the next couple weeks.

There are still 3 crossings to complete but they are all issued to the field for construction. One should be scheduled for next week and the other two are waiting on a DLF license and a customer easement.


On Wednesday, October 14 Develop Nova Scotia hosted a Webinar to talk about the Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative.

The presentation can be found here.


ROUND 2: On September 1, 2020 Devleop Nova Scotia announced the second round of successful projects for their Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative. Areas in Antigonish County that are included in Round 2 are:

Frasers Mills, Loch Katrine, Heatherton, Afton Station, Bayfield, Black Avon, Monastery, Frankville, Mattie Settlement, Tracadie, Upper Big Tracadie, Havre Boucher, Merland and Linwood. More details about these projects should be available in the coming months.

ROUND 1: On February 7 2020, Develop Nova Scotia announced the first round of successful projects through their Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative. Antigonish County received 2 projects in this round, the first will see Bell Fibre brought from MacKen Road (Highway 337) all the way to Knoydart Farms (the maps only show it going to Cottage Road in Arisaig, the extension to Knoydart farms was just added which will bring an additional 47 homes onto the fibre network). The Fibre line will also turn down Highway 245 from Malignant Cove to the Pleasant Valley Road (see maps below).

The second project includes the Lochaber and Goshen areas. The fibre line will travel from Glen Alpine along the #7 Highway to Goshen and will also run along the west side of Lochaber Lake.

Bell will be providing monthly updates on the status of the projects. These updates can be found here on this website. We want to keep residents informed and up to date on the projects.

Update #4 – October 2020

NS Power have essentially completed their review of the planned Bell fibre additions and there are a substantial number of work orders required for both the Malignant Cove and Goshen projects.  A total of 73 work orders plus the 3 outstanding grade 1 crossings. The three crossings have been approved for construction. We are hopeful that NS Power can start some of this work over the next couple weeks but the schedule is not yet confirmed. With any luck we can turn up these areas before the end of the year.

Update #3 – September 2020

Make ready scope has been confirmed and NS Power are expecting to commence activities late this month or early in October. The required grade 1 engineering assessments have yet to be completed. They are scheduled for completion in late September.  At this point we are trying our best to turn up some of the civic addresses before the end of the year but it will hinge on how NS Power work progresses. Bell has to wait until they are complete before we can string the new fibre.

Update #2 – August 2020

Milestone 1B of our engineering activities are underway and on track to finish in early August. NS Power make ready activities will start on the Malignant Cove project very soon as well as tree trimming activities. Goshen will follow shortly thereafter.

With respect to the permits/crossings there is only 1 for the Goshen project and 4 associated with Malignant Cove. Three of them are water crossings and 1 is for CN rail. We have two blank licensees from DLF and hoping to get them finalized shortly. Grade 1 structural assessments need to be completed for all the crossings but these have not be completed. We are looking to redesign some of the work to allow for a non joint use crossing to speed up the process.

Update #1 – July 2020

Here is the first of the project updates from John Swantee who is the Program Manager for Bell on this project:

“This will be the first of a series of monthly updates regarding the Bell phase 1 projects under the Develop Nova Scotia program. Bell was awarded 28 different projects to complete across the province. Our current completion date for contractual purposes with DNS is March 2021 for both projects but we are working to accelerate all projects if possible.”

“For reporting purposes we have broken our projects down into milestones and there are five milestones associated with the projects. Milestone 1A is the field detailing or collection of data from the project area that help us design the fibre network. This has been completed for your projects. Milestone 1B is our completed engineering package which includes our detailed design and results in fibre orders being placed with Corning. For all our distribution fibre, every piece of cable is custom made for the section of road it will be placed so that terminal stubs all land at the appropriate pole locations. Milestone 1B for your projects is intended to be completed by the end of August. Milestone 2 relates to permits with the Department of Lands and Forestry and Make Ready by NS Power. Because we are adding cables and additional loading on poles and in some cases placing a new strand to lash the fibre to, NS Power has to make changes to pole infrastructure. This involves replacing some poles, adding anchors, perhaps raising their own attachments, etc. NS Power goes to the field to review this information once bell has provided our engineering package to them. With Department of Lands and Forestry, Bell and/or NS Power needs to get a permit in any case where our cable will be placed at a water crossing or where work needs to be completed in the vicinity of a water crossing. This is a fairly lengthy process to complete with the Department of Lands and Forestry. Overall, this milestone work is proving to be the most challenging because it is essentially out of the control of Bell. . Milestone 3 involves tree trimming and fibre construction. There will inevitably be some overlap between milestones 2 and 3 as Bell does not wait until everything is completed in milestone 2 before commencing construction activities. In many areas tree trimming has already commenced ahead of the NS Power work. Finally, Milestone 4 involves commissioning of the fibre network and opening the area for sales.”

If you have questions related to the project, please contact John Swantee at

Maps of Malignant Cove Project


Maps of Lochaber/Goshen Project