Provincial-Municipal Fiscal Review

The Provincial/Municipal Fiscal Review (Fiscal Review) is a joint project between the Province of Nova Scotia and municipalities. It is primarily concerned with the state of municipalities, the relationship between the Province and its municipal partners, and the allocation of resources.

The mandate of the Fiscal Review Committee was to determine how provincial support to municipalities could best be allocated. The Committee found that demographic and economic trends present major challenges for municipalities. In an effort to confront these challenges, the Committee made forty-one recommendations to better allocate resources and increase collaboration. These recommendations were organized along five themes:

  • Opportunities to Improve Government Structures
  • Opportunities to Improve Roads Equity
  • Opportunities to Reallocate Scarce Resources
  • Opportunities to Improve Revenue Systems
  • Opportunities to Improve Collaboration

In response to a consolation period that ended on December 15, 2014, the Municipality of the County of Antigonish provided the following: AntigonishCounty_Fiscal Review Input_Dec2014.

For a copy of the complete report click here. For the executive summary click here.