Press Release – Antigonish Arena


Date: 2 July 2015

The replacing of the floor is again underway at the Antigonish Arena. After a brief delay due to deeper-than-expected frost below the existing floor, the Municipality and Town of Antigonish have determined to continue with the work. Renovations are anticipated to be complete by the end of October, 2015.

Shortly after work began it was revealed that frost beneath the arena floor reached an average depth of 17ft. After consulting with CJ MacLellan & Associates, Higgins Construction and local building official, it was determined that the best path forward was to continue with the planned floor design and construction, leaving the ground frost in place.

“Both councils are fully supportive of this approach. Our first priority is to make the most responsible decision for our residents, balancing our financial responsibility with the community’s need for this facility,” said Warden Russell Boucher. “It’s not a decision we took lightly,” Mayor Carl Chisholm added. “Once the issues were known we brought in everyone involved – Town & County councillors, the Arena Commission, engineers, contractors – and went through the various scenarios until we were happy with our course of action.”

In coming to this decision, multiple options were considered. The uncertainty associated with removing the frost in addition to the significant construction challenges, delays and costs made this a less attractive option. Similarly, the disruption and cost to the community of abandoning the project was not seen as a viable option.

Built in 1969, the Antigonish Arena is co-owned by the Municipality and Town of Antigonish. It is managed by the Arena Commission: made up of three municipal and three town councillors as well as two community members. With ice available 10 months of the year it has long been one of the busiest arenas in the province with approximately 70 to 90 hours of use per week.

For more information please contact:
Municipality of Antigonish (902) 863-1117 or Town of Antigonish (902) 867-5577.