Building Permits and Inspections

In Nova Scotia, the law requires you to obtain a Building Permit for any construction project. This applies to all construction projects; from a new home to shopping mall renovations. The Building Inspector will review the plans to ensure they meet all applicable National Building Code requirements, obtain approval from the Municipal Engineer, and where necessary, obtain approval from the Departments of Transportation and Environment, and the Fire Marshall.

The Building Inspector will also conduct on-site inspections at various stages of the construction project to ensure that construction and building standards are being met. The processing of an application for a Building Permit takes an average of three weeks.

In areas where there is a Land Use By-law in effect, a Development Permit is necessary in order to receive a Building Permit. A Development Permit is required for all new construction and any change in use to an existing structure, and confirms that the project is in compliance with the zoning regulations with regards to the use, lot requirements and any development restrictions.  Processing time for the Development Permit averages a week and it must be issued prior to the issuance of the building permit. Application for both permits may be made at the same time.

For information regarding Development Permits and Building Permits, and/or to apply for a permit, contact Planning and Building staff at the Municipal Administrative Centre, 285 Beech Hill Rd, 902-863-1117 or through the Eastern District Planning Commission.  A copy of your plan; including site and construction/ building plans will be required for any application.

Once you have a permit and work has begun, inspections are required at various stages.  Inspections must be arranged with the Building Inspector by the building owner, the contractor, or the developer.  More information regarding inspection timelines, requirements, and fees can be found on the Eastern District Planning Commission Building Services webpage.


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