Planning and Development

Building and  Development Services

In Nova Scotia it is a legal requirement to obtain development and or building permits before construction of the site or buildings begin. The Municipality is a member of the Eastern District Planning Commission (EDPC). Through the Commission there is a team available to support you through the building and development process.

Meet our Planning Staff

harry  Harry Martell is the Building Inspector with the EDPC.He can be reached @ 863-2366. Contact Harry before you start construction to discuss your project.  He will advise you on the necessary permits and inspections required, as well as timelines. Harry will also advise you when your must obtain permits from other provincial bodies, Public Works or the Development Officer.

wanda  Wanda Ryan is the Development Officer with the EDPC. Contact Wanda with any development plans and questions as early as possible to help navigate the development process. She can answer questions about land use planning, zoning and development permit requirements. Where a Land- Use Bylaw is in effect a Development Permit is required before a Building Permit can be issued. She can be reached @ 863-1117 on Tuesdays; or call 1-888-625-5361 and ask for Wanda at EDPC Monday, Wed-Fri.

Permits & Inspections
For information regarding development and building permits and to apply for a permit contact Planning Staff at the Municipal Administrative Centre, 285 Beech Hill Rd. A copy of your plan; including site and construction/ building plans will be required.
Once you have a permit and work has begun inspections are required at various stages.  Inspections must be arranged with Inspector by the owner; the contractor; or the developer.

Inspections are conducted using 2010 National Building Code and should occur at the following stages:
1.   Footings in place
2.   Subfloor plumbing
3.   Subfloor and foundation insulation
4.   Pre- Backfill
5.   i) the framing, roof, plumbing and mechanical systems; (ii)insulation and vapour barrier before wall framing is covered– Except in manufactured and modular homes.
6.   For Manufactured and Modular homes: (i) superstructure installation and anchorage systems, (ii) foundation, insulation and vapour barrier before wall framing is covered and plumbing connections below the first floor.
7.   Before Occupancy (so that an Occupancy Permit may be issued).