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We are currently seeking community representatives for the following committees:

  1. Accessibility Advisory Committee (Application for MCA Accessibility Advisory Committee 2020)
  2. Audit Committee
  3. Planning Advisory Committee
  4. RK Nursing Home Board

Letters of application will be received until  December 9th at 4:00pm. Applications should include a brief biography of the individual and information on skills or assets that will be useful to the specific committee.

Applications can be dropped off, mailed or emailed to:

Municipality of the County of Antigonish

Attn: Alisha Bowie
285 Beech Hill Road
Beech Hill, NS  B2G 0B4

More details for each can be found here:


Want to make a difference in our community?

The Municipality is looking for interested individuals to join our Accessibility Advisory Committee. This committee will provide advice to the municipal council on identifying, preventing and eliminating barriers to people with disabilities in municipal programs, services, initiatives and facilities. This committee will be vital in making our community accessible; one of the first areas of focus for the committee will be developing a five-year municipal accessibility plan.

At least one half of the members of this committee will have a disability or represent an organization that works with and represents people living with disabilities.

As a starting point Disability will be defined to include a physical, mental, intellectual, learning or sensory impairment – including an episodic disability – that in interaction with a barrier hinders an individual’s full and effective participation in society. A definition will be agreed upon by the committee through the process of developing an Accessibility Plan for the County.

For more information, check out the Terms of Reference for the Accessibility Advisory Committee:   Accessibility Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Application for the Accessibility Advisory Committee can be found here:
Application for MCA Accessibility Advisory Committee 2020

For additional information you can email or call her at 902 863 1117.


The Municipality is seeking one individual  to serve as a member of the Audit Committee. The Committee carries out a detailed review of the financial statements with the auditor and acts for Council in a financial oversight role. The community member is required to demonstrate strong financial awareness.

For more information, check out the Terms of Reference for the Audit Committee:
Audit Committee Terms of Reference


The Municipality is seeking three individuals to serve as members of the Planning Advisory Committee. The goals of the committee are to assist the Municipality in an effort to develop community-based municipal planning; and foster vibrant and healthy communities while balancing economic development and sustainability.

For more information, check out the Terms of Reference for the Planning Advisory Committee:
Planning Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Skills and qualifications:

Seeking a community representative to sit on the Board of Directors at R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home. The experience, skill sets and contribution of the current Municipal Councillors from the Town of Antigonish, County of Antigonish and CSM representatives provides well-rounded strategic oversight in areas such as community leadership. In addition to selecting working Board members who are compassionate and committed to the Mission, Vision and core values of RK MacDonald, as well as to the legacy of excellence in long-term care provision, the Board would also benefit from individuals who have the following skill sets:

  • A person with relevant nursing or medical background
  • A person with a legal background-such as a lawyer
  • A person with engineering, physical plant or other building experience
  • A person with experience in marketing, social media, philanthropy
  • A current or recent family member

R.K. MacDonald Nursing Home  is committed to creating an organization that is free of discrimination, values diversity and is representative, at all levels, of the people we serve. Aboriginal People, African Nova Scotians, Persons with Disabilities and Recent Immigrants are welcome to apply and self-identify if they wish to be considered for Board appointment.

Term: 3 years.

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