Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions

During wildfire-risk season, March 15 – Oct 15, you must check before you burn brush. Burning restrictions by county are updated daily and available toll free at 1 855 564 2876 (BURN) and are available on the Department of Natural Resources website.

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish does NOT have or enforce any bylaw related to domestic brush burning or campfires.  The restrictions you see here and the Q&A below are imposed and enforced by the NS Department of Natural Resources.  All questions or concerns should be forwarded to the local DNR office at 902.863.4513.


Domestic Brush Burning Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to purchase a domestic burning permit?
No, but you now need to check the burn restrictions map or phone line to see when you are allowed to burn.

When do I need to check the burn restrictions map/phone line?
During the wildfire-risk season, it is required that you check burn restrictions before you ignite a fire in the woods or within one thousand feet of the woods.

What is considered woods?
“Woods” means forest land and rock barren, brush land, dry marsh, bog or muskeg.

When is the wildfire-risk season?
The wildfire-risk season is now from March 15th-October 15th (both dates included).

Can I burn brush in the morning?
There is NO domestic brush burning in Nova Scotia between 8am and 2pm.

What is domestic brush burning?
Domestic brush burning is burning (for no remuneration) woody debris in 2 piles or fewer which are no wider than 3 m and no taller than 2m. Domestic brush burning includes campfires and blueberry burning which is less/equal to 2 ha.

What constitutes as a campfire?
Any open fire that burns no larger than 0.5 m in diameter and is intended for recreation and not for survival is considered a campfire.

What about burning in chimineas, fire pits, and other backyard burning appliances?
If the fire is not in an enclosed CSA approved appliance, the fire is considered to be an open fire. A chiminea is an open fire.

Do the burn restrictions apply to campgrounds?
No, the burn restrictions do not to apply to any federal, provincial, municipal or private campground providing the fire is enclosed in grills designed for that purpose.