Municipal Mural Competition Winner

The Municipality is proud to announce that the inaugural winner of its Municipal Mural Competition is the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s local Health Equity and Social Justice Committee!

This Committee promotes health equity and taking social and just action to address disparities and health inequity across the province, with a particular focus on the Guysborough, Antigonish and Strait areas.  The Committee, which works out of St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, is made up of NSHA staff as well community members from the Antigonish, Guysborough and Strait areas that have a vested interest in the health, wellness and diversity of our community.

The Committee submitted a proposal to design a mural that would showcase the social determinants of health within the County of Antigonish.  Rather than the typical practice of using words and language, the mural will use visual images that represent the social determinants of health and how they come to bear on our lives here in Antigonish County.

sdh wordle6

Andrew Murray, a member of the Committee and local artist is a key leader in the work. Andrew is a well-known artist in the community and has created murals and artwork for the People’s Place Library, Town of Antigonish and the Brownstone Cafe as well as interior design work for Cameron’s Jewelry.

Like the Committee, the Municipality believes this is an excellent opportunity to bring together art, community and local government to showcase our diversity of assets and promote an understanding of what makes and keeps us healthy.

The mural should be adorning the Municipal Office at 285 Beech Hill Rd by the end of October, 2015.