Changes to Voting Districts

As part of a Municipal Boundary Review in 2015, the Municipality confirmed the number of voting districts and changed some district boundaries. These changes are summarized in the table below. Only those areas listed below have changed. All other areas remain the same as the previous municipal election.

Area Previous District New District for the 2016 Election
Glebe Road & Beaver Road 2 1
Highway 245 North of Civic #1631 2 1
Keating Court, Tamara Drive and any residents between those street on Trunk 7 10 4
South side of Highway 104 from Pomquet River Road to Highway 316 6 7
Pine Ridge Road and Lorraine Lane 6 7
Summerside Bayfeild Road North of Trunk 4 8 7
Linwood Road, Linwood Station Road and Grovenor Road 9 8

For further details, please refer to the Municipality’s full application to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

PLEASE NOTE: Recent changes to federal and provincial electoral boundaries have no impact on municipal boundaries. Changes to municipal boundaries have no impact on the provision of municipal services including fire services.