Municipal Boundary Review Application Approved

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board approved the Municipality’s application to confirm the number of councillors and to alter the boundaries of polling

The Municipal Government Act, S.N.S. 1998, c. 18 (“MGA”) requires the council of every municipality to conduct a study and make an application to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (“Board”) to confirm or alter the number of councillors and the boundaries of the polling districts. Section 369 states:

(1) In the year 1999, and in the years 2006 and every eighth year thereafter the
council shall conduct a study of the number and boundaries of polling districts in the
municipality, their fairness and reasonableness and the number of councillors.
(2) After the study is completed, and before the end of the year in which the study was
conducted, the council shall apply to the Board to confirm or to alter the number and
boundaries of polling districts and the number of councillors.


You can find the Municipality’s submission and the Board’s Order linked here:

Antigonish Municipal Boundary Review Submission

M06638 – Antigonish County Decision