Nova Scotia Heritage Day

On Monday, February 16, Nova Scotians will enjoy a new statutory holiday: Nova Scotia Heritage Day.  The Municipal Office will be closed.

Each year this holiday will celebrate our collective cultural heritage and the contributions of all Nova Scotians.  This year the holiday celebrates African Nova Scotian Viola Desmond. She was arrested when she refused to leave the whites-only section of a New Glasgow movie theatre in 1946.

For the next seven years, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage will work with communities to commemorate Nova Scotia Heritage Day and recognize its upcoming honourees. They are:

— 2016 Joseph Howe
— 2017 Mi’kmaq Heritage
— 2018 Mona Louise Parsons
— 2019 Maud Lewis
— 2020 Africville
— 2021 Edward Francis Arab
— 2022 Grand Pré

For information on Viola Desmond and other upcoming honourees visit

For events commemorating Viola Desmond and African Heritage month visit