Emergency Preparedness

Municipalities are often the first level of response in the event of emergencies. In addition to our Fire Departments the Municipality of the County of Antigonish has a variety of other protective service resources that we draw upon to keep our citizens safe.

When there is an emergency, such as a bad winter storm, hurricane, flood, or fire – you should be ready to cope on your own for at least the first 72 hours.

You never know when an emergency will happen, so it is important to understand the risks and be prepared.


Do you know what to do before, during and after an emergency? Make sure you are prepared:


Risks can include, but are not limited to:

  • Winter Storms
  • Flooding
  • Wildfires
  • Hurricanes
  • House Fires
  • Chemical Spills
  • Road Collisions

Evaluate these risks and consider how long you can be on your own without electricity or running water? Should you have extra medicine on hand? What about freshwater and non-perishable food?

Alternatively, what if you must leave your home in a hurry? If authorities call an evacuation order, it means you must leave immediately because your home is at risk or no longer safe.


A good plan tells you what to do and where to find things during an emergency.

Things to include in your plan:

  • Where to find a fire extinguisher, main water valve, electrical box, gas shut off and floor drain;
  • Contact information for friends and family;
  • Information about you and your family’s health needs; and
  • Contact information and instructions for your personal support network;
  • Your personal support network is a group of at least three people you trust to help you during an emergency. They should have copies of all your phone numbers and emails. They should also know where you keep your emergency kit and have a key to your home. It is recommended that you include someone in your network that lives outside of your immediate region because they most likely wouldn’t be affected by the same emergency.

Keep a copy of your plan with the information listed above in your emergency kit, at home, in your car, and at work.


Your emergency kit should have everything you need to keep you and your family sustained for at least 72 hours. The kit should be easy to carry and should be checked twice a year to ensure everything is in proper working order.

Things to include in your kit:

Your plan;
A list of your personal support network, including their name, relation, address, and phone numbers;
At least 6L of water per person (2L per day);
Food that won’t spoil ;
Manual can opener;
First aid supplies;
Allergy medications and special needs equipment you may require;
A list of your prescription medications with the prescription number and purpose;
At least a 3 day supply of prescription medicines;
Pharmacy information;
Pet care;
Infant formula;
Wind-up or battery-powered flashlight;
Wind-up or battery-powered radio;
Batteries for your flashlight and radio;
Extra keys for your house and car;
Money in small bills; and
Copies of important papers such as driver’s license, birth certificate, and insurance policies.

Who do you contact in case of an emergency?

911 for Health, Safety or Property Emergencies

811 for Health Information

511 Road Conditions

211 Provincial Government Program and Services Information


To reach our Emergency Management Coordinator call:
Hayston Lam, Regional Emergency Management Coordinator
Email: aremo@antigonishcounty.ns.ca
Phone: 902-863-1117

Antigonish County Water and Sewer
Regular Business Hours (9:00 am to 4:30 pm): (902) 863-5004 or (902) 863-1117
After hours and on weekends and holidays (Emergencies only please): 1 (902) 318-3277

Other important phone numbers:
Nova Scotia Power Outage Centre: 1-877-428-6004
Bell Aliant Outage: 611 or 1-800-663-2600
Eastlink Outage: 1-888-345-1111
Drinking Water Safety: 1-877-936-8476
Food Safety: 1-877-252-FOOD (3663)

For more information on how to properly prepare for a disaster or emergency visit:
Red Cross – Be Ready Atlantic Canada

Province of Nova Scotia – Are You Ready for an Emergency?

For more information on the services they provide at the Antigonish detachment, please visit their website.

Antigonish Crime Prevention
The Antigonish Town and County Crime Prevention Association is a non-profit organization with the goal of reducing community crime in conjunction with other groups with similar aims. The Crime Prevention Association is made up of people from various social, business, government and individual sectors. The association also works with citizens to help seniors and youth. It helps to combat crime such as vandalism and domestic violence. It also strives to identify problems relating to crime and to provide solutions, wherever possible, in accordance with the by-laws and objectives of the organization. The Antigonish Town and County Crime Prevention Association invites members of the public to work together to prevent further crime in the communities of Antigonish Town and County. For more information, please visit the Antigonish Crime Prevention website.