Municipal Council

2020-2024 Term

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District 1

Councillor Mary Maclellan

District 2

Councillor Donnie MacDonald

Deputy Warden Hughie Stewart

District 3

Deputy Warden Hughie Stewart

District 4

Councillor Shawn Brophy

District 5

Councillor Remi Deveau

Owen McCarron, Warden

District 6

Warden Owen McCarron

District 7

Councillor John Dunbar

District 8

Councillor Gary Mattie

District 9

Councillor Harris McNamara

District 10

Councillor Bill MacFarlane

District Boundaries

In December 2014, the Municipality applied to the Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board (the Board) to confirm the number of polling districts, and to change the boundaries of districts, as per Section 369 of the Municipal Government Act.  That application was approved by the Board in April 2015.

To view a map of the district boundaries click here.

Strategic Priorities

In December 2017, Municipal Council took part in a Strategic Priority Setting exercise.
If strategic planning is the roadmap, Strategic Priority Setting is the vehicle to reach the destination. In fact, it is a tool to narrow the array of choices facing a local government amidst limited resources.

To assist Council in this process, the Municipality enlisted the services of Dr. Gordon McIntosh of the Local Government Leadership Institute to facilitate a Priority Setting Workshop. The outcomes of this December 2017 session resulted in specific priorities for Council attention NOW as well as NEXT and LATER as resources become available.

The Strategic Priorities outlined in the linked document are based on a shared community vision of Antigonish as articulated in the Municipality’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan:

“Antigonish is a vibrant, safe, diverse and affordable community, caring in nature, proud in its heritage and committed to sustainability. Central to this vision are our values of preserving a high quality of life and well-being of our citizens, celebrating our heritage and culture, protecting our natural environment, enhancing learning opportunities and working collectively and peacefully to advance prosperity.”

The Priorities identified here will serve to guide Council for the remainder of the current term and shape staff work.

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