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Municipal Awareness Vignettes

To increase awareness of municipal government, particularly the programs and services provided by the Municipality of the County of Antigonish, we have developed a series of five short videos that show what we do and why we love this place!

This five part series will teach you about how your municipal taxes are spent, show you the importance of our water, waste water and solid waste management operations, speak to our phenomenal recreation programming.  Our 5th and final video, linked below, speaks about why Antigonish County is such a great place.

You can view these videos on the Municipality’s Vimeo channel.

A HUGE thank you to our filmmaker Leah Johnston and videographer Jeff Babineau, as well as our project coordinator Tammy Feltmate.  Another big thank you to our staff for participating in this initiative and our aspiring investigative journalist Aiden.

For more information on anything you see here please contact the Municipal Office.  We hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed making them!

Video – Water… an essential resource. What is the municipal role?

In Antigonish County we are lucky to have access to clean safe drinking water. It is a privilege we should not take for granted. We all have a role in protecting and conserving this life sustaining resource. Watch the video below for a little insight into the County’s role in providing water and processing waste water in Antigonish County.


Water an invaluable resource in Antigonish County from Tammy Feltmate on Vimeo.

For questions, or to share thoughts or start a conversation on water in Antigonish County, contact Tammy Feltmate at


Water Meter Installation Program Q & A’s

Municipality Logo New one (3)

The County of Antigonish is undergoing a water meter installation program. The water meter program was developed to improve equity and reduce water consumption. Water metering allows residents to pay for the actual amount of water they use, rather than being billed on a tap count/flat rate basis. Neptune Technology Group has been contracted by the County to install the water meter at properties serviced by a municipal water utility.

Follow the Link to a list of Water Meter Q & A’s: Water Meter Q & A’s

If you do not find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact Neptune Technology Group or the Municipality.  Contact information can be found in the Q & A’s link.



Waste Collection Calendar and Waste Wizard

Wondering what day your garbage, recycling and organics will be collected?

Eastern Region Solid Waste Management, sponsored in part by Divert NS, has created a Collection Calendar to help you find the answer.

Click on the link below and enter your civic address:

Collection Calendar

When you enter your civic address a Waste Collection Calendar will be created specific to your address.  There is an option for you to print the Collection Calendar or you can sign up to receive a reminder the day before or the day of your collection.  There are several options for receiving a reminder, so check it out and sign up today!  If you sign up for reminders, you will also receive special notices for events and waste collection route changes.

What else is new?  A Waste Wizard has been created.  Wondering if a particular material is garbage or recycable, just click on the link:  Waste Wizard and enter the name of the material you are wondering about and the Waste Wizard will tell you if the item is recycable, garbage or compostable.


Emergency Numbers – Public Works

Water and Sewer

Regular Business Hours (9:00 am to 4:30 pm): (902) 863-5004 or (902) 863-1117

After hours and on weekends and holidays (Emergencies only please): 1 (902) 318-3277

Road Maintenance

Regular Business Hours (9:00 am to 4:30 pm): (902) 863-5004 or (902) 863-1117

After hours and on weekends and holidays (Emergencies only please): 1 (902) 318-3077

Daryl Myers, Director, Public Works
Josh Chisholm, Working Supervisor, W&S Operations

261 Beech Hill Road
RR 6 Stn Main
Antigonish NS
B2G 0B4

Phone:(902) 863-5004
Fax:(902) 863-6146