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Water Meter Installation Program Q & A’s

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The County of Antigonish is undergoing a water meter installation program. The water meter program was developed to improve equity and reduce water consumption. Water metering allows residents to pay for the actual amount of water they use, rather than being billed on a tap count/flat rate basis. Neptune Technology Group has been contracted by the County to install the water meter at properties serviced by a municipal water utility.

Follow the Link to a list of Water Meter Q & A’s: Water Meter Q & A’s

If you do not find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact Neptune Technology Group or the Municipality.  Contact information can be found in the Q & A’s link.



Press Release – Evolve Permit Revoked


The Municipality of the County of Antigonish has revoked the special event permit issued to Mr. Jonas Colter to hold the Evolve Music Festival in Antigonish County on Meadow Green Road, Heatherton NS, from July 8 – 10, 2016. This means Evolve is not permitted to take place in Antigonish County.

Mr. Colter was issued a conditional permit in December 2015 to hold Evolve. The permit outlined conditions and specified dates by which the conditions were to be met or it would be revoked. One of the most important of those conditions was a medical plan developed and overseen by a hired licenced medical clinician.

Mr. Colter was officially made aware of the condition for a medical plan in September 2015 and discussed this and other conditions in person with municipal officials in October and November 2015. A final draft of the medical plan was to be completed and submitted to the Municipality by February 1, 2016. Since this date the Municipality has provided Mr. Colter every opportunity to complete and submit a plan. To date we have not received a medical plan to which Mr. Colter is willing to commit.

The Municipality recognizes the value and wants to support music festivals and other events that promote our area and draw people to our community. These events are important to our local economy and we want them to succeed. However, in order to do this attention must be paid to health and safety of our community and event-goers.

Hosting Evolve comes with a responsibility to provide a healthy and safe event. The conditions outlined by the Municipality are similar to those required by other local governments across the country in facilitating a large entertainment event. They are reasonable and achievable; they are applied in an effort to make Evolve a healthier and safer event.

For more information please contact the Municipality of the County of Antigonish at 863-1117.


  • Since 2000 the Evolve Music & Awareness Festival has taken place in various locations throughout Antigonish County. Evolve has taken place at 1648 Meadow Green Road, owned by John and Judy MacDonald since 2006. In 16 years Evolve has grown from a festival of a few hundred participants to over 5000 in 2015. As the festival has grown so too have the issues with the health and safety of festival-goers and the community at-large.
  • Since July 2014 the Municipality has been working with Mr. Colter and a variety of community stakeholders including the RCMP, Emergency Health Services, Emergency Management Office, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, Pomquet Volunteer Fire Department, NS Tourism, and the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal. During this time the Municipality has taken on a role of facilitating dialogue among stakeholders and with Mr. Colter to address significant health, safety and security concerns.
  • In March 2015, the Municipal Council approved the Special Events By-law, which provides the Municipality authority to regulate large events with respect to health, wellbeing, safety and protection of persons. Previous to this the Municipality had no authority to regulate large events.
  • From July 9 – 12, 2015, the Evolve festival took place at 1648 Meadow Green Road, Antigonish County, operating as a 24/7 event, hosting approximately 5000 festival goers, volunteers and performers and presenting approximately 120 musical acts. Of note, over these four days:
    • 39% of all RCMP calls for service were Evolve-related.
    • 33 charges were laid directly attributable to Evolve: 7 for trafficking, 12 possession with the purpose of trafficking, 10 possession and 4 impaired driving.
    • EHS received 12 requests for service from the Evolve site: 8 patients were transported from Evolve to St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, 3 responses to motor vehicle accidents attributed to Evolve. Patients were also brought in to St. Martha’s Regional Hospital for care by other means.
    • Cases seen at the Emergency Department were not straight-forward interventions, rather significant, often drug-related, medical events.
    • Beyond these statistics it is not possible to know of any other police or health-related interventions that may have occurred outside the Antigonish area.

Nova Scotia Burning Restrictions

During wildfire-risk season, March 15 – Oct 15, you must check before you burn brush. Burning restrictions by county are updated daily and available toll free at 1 855 564 2876 (BURN) and are available on the Department of Natural Resources website.

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish does NOT have or enforce any bylaw related to domestic brush burning or campfires.  The restrictions you see here and the Q&A below are imposed and enforced by the NS Department of Natural Resources.  All questions or concerns should be forwarded to the local DNR office at 902.863.4513.


Domestic Brush Burning Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to purchase a domestic burning permit?
No, but you now need to check the burn restrictions map or phone line to see when you are allowed to burn.

When do I need to check the burn restrictions map/phone line?
During the wildfire-risk season, it is required that you check burn restrictions before you ignite a fire in the woods or within one thousand feet of the woods.

What is considered woods?
“Woods” means forest land and rock barren, brush land, dry marsh, bog or muskeg.

When is the wildfire-risk season?
The wildfire-risk season is now from March 15th-October 15th (both dates included).

Can I burn brush in the morning?
There is NO domestic brush burning in Nova Scotia between 8am and 2pm.

What is domestic brush burning?
Domestic brush burning is burning (for no remuneration) woody debris in 2 piles or fewer which are no wider than 3 m and no taller than 2m. Domestic brush burning includes campfires and blueberry burning which is less/equal to 2 ha.

What constitutes as a campfire?
Any open fire that burns no larger than 0.5 m in diameter and is intended for recreation and not for survival is considered a campfire.

What about burning in chimineas, fire pits, and other backyard burning appliances?
If the fire is not in an enclosed CSA approved appliance, the fire is considered to be an open fire. A chiminea is an open fire.

Do the burn restrictions apply to campgrounds?
No, the burn restrictions do not to apply to any federal, provincial, municipal or private campground providing the fire is enclosed in grills designed for that purpose.

Sale of Structure & Property – Former Antigonish Correctional Facility

Date: 8 March 2016

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish is again inviting proposals for the sale and redevelopment of the former Antigonish Correctional Facility. All proposals must be received in their entirety on or before Friday, March 18, 2016 at 4:00PM.

Interest was received from proponents wishing to purchase and repurpose the facility shortly after it was announced that the Municipality was planning to demolish the building in summer 2016. This is the second time the Municipality has issued an RFP for the sale and redevelopment of the facility. Redevelopment will also affect the future use of the County Court House on Main Street, Antigonish. For these reasons, the Municipality is launching an expedited process with short timelines.

The Municipality’s objective is to have the property redeveloped in a manner that is beneficial to the well-being of the community. As such, the proposed use(s) of the facility and property are key, as is the ability of the developer to complete the proposal in a timely fashion.

“When we were notified that there was still an opportunity to sell and redevelop the facility we were naturally optimistic,” said Warden Russell Boucher. “It is a beautiful old building and it would be a shame to see it torn down,” he added. “Regardless of the outcome we need to do what is best for the Municipality and its residents and have this addressed in a timely fashion.”

In February, the Municipality announced it would be tendering the demolition of the former Antigonish Correctional Facility. An RFP for the redevelopment of the facility was issued by the Municipality in May 2015 and did not result in a successful proposal. The building opened in 1948 and was decommissioned on January 9, 2015. The correctional facility sits on a neighboring property to the Antigonish County Courthouse, which is a National Historic Site and still functions for court purposes. Additional details can be found in the Request for Proposals.



Changes to Voting Districts

As part of a Municipal Boundary Review in 2015, the Municipality confirmed the number of voting districts and changed some district boundaries. These changes are summarized in the table below. Only those areas listed below have changed. All other areas remain the same as the previous municipal election.

Area Previous District New District for the 2016 Election
Glebe Road & Beaver Road 2 1
Highway 245 North of Civic #1631 2 1
Keating Court, Tamara Drive and any residents between those street on Trunk 7 10 4
South side of Highway 104 from Pomquet River Road to Highway 316 6 7
Pine Ridge Road and Lorraine Lane 6 7
Summerside Bayfeild Road North of Trunk 4 8 7
Linwood Road, Linwood Station Road and Grovenor Road 9 8

For further details, please refer to the Municipality’s full application to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

PLEASE NOTE: Recent changes to federal and provincial electoral boundaries have no impact on municipal boundaries. Changes to municipal boundaries have no impact on the provision of municipal services including fire services.

Community Partnership Grants

                          **COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP GRANTS POLICY**

APPLICATION DEADLINE for funding for the April 2018 – March 2019 Budget Year:
Friday, February 28, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Non-profit community organizations that provide programs, services or activities that enhance the quality of life for residents of the Municipality are invited to apply provided they meet the criteria outlined in the Community Partnership Grants Policy.

The Community Partnership Grant Applications are now available:

Applications to Development Capital and Operating Grants will be accepted once per fiscal year. APPLICATION DEADLINE for funding for the April 2018 – March 2019 Budget Year:
Friday, February 28, 2018 at 4:30 PM

Applications to Recreation Sport Cultural and Leadership Travel Assistance will be accepted on an on-going basis throughout the year.

Please review the Policy prior to submitting your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

Request for Proposals For a Grid Tied Fixed Orientation Solar PV System- 20-25kWh

The Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP) and Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) recognize the importance of energy efficiency, reducing green house gas emissions and increasing our investments in renewable energy. In line with this, the municipality is currently seeking proposals for a 20-25 kWh solar photovoltaic system that will be mounted at the Municipal Administrative Centre, 285 Beech Hill Rd. For full RFP click on the link below.

RFP for a Grid Tied Fixed Orientation Solar PV 20- 25 kWh System.

Addendum #1 Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic System

Important: Deadline for submissions is 2:00pm, local time; Tuesday March 8th, 2016. (Please note this is a change in deadline- see Addendum #1.)

Information on a site visit can be found in the RFP document.

Seeking a Community for the Next Municipal Mural

The Municipality, partnering with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, just revealed the Antigonish Health Equity Mural. Based on this success we are looking for the next community to host a municipal mural.

A community group wishing to host a mural can contact the Municipality through Tammy Feltmate or their local councillor. To be considered eligible to host a mural we require:

  • A proposed location for the mural – the location should be a common community gathering place; and,
  • A commitment to partner with the Municipality to select a mural design through an open competition, provide input on the design and facilitate the installation.

The host community will be selected by draw at a future Council Meeting. The 2nd Annual Municipal Mural Competition will be launched once the host community is chosen. This competition seeks to foster the development of public spaces throughout Antigonish County and showcase our arts community. Amateur and professional artists are challenged to design an image that reflects the community.

If your group is interested in hosting a mural you must let us know by Friday, February 12, 2016.

If you have any questions please contact Tammy at or 902.863.1117.

Request for Proposals – Municipal Awareness Vignettes

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish seeks a filmmaker to complete a series of short vignettes on local government in our community. The intent of the vignettes is to demonstrate through stories the role of local government in the Municipality of the County of Antigonish. The vignettes will connect role(s), responsibilities, and service delivery with governance, civil society and community. The intent is to inspire civil engagement, educate on the role and reality of municipal government, and provide transparency on how decisions are made and actions are prioritized within the current structure.

Through interviews with community, elected officials, and staff of the municipality story lines will be developed around key areas of municipal responsibility.
Areas of focus may include (final focus areas to be decided in consultation with production team):

• Water/ Waste Water
• Recreation
• Public Works/ Solid Waste Management
• Land Use Planning
• Taxation / Administration

Full Request for Proposals-Tender ID: 2015-110

Important: Proposals are due at the Municipality of the County of Antigonish Administrative Centre, 285 Beech Hill Rd. Antigonish NS B2G 0B4 no later than Friday, January 8th 2016 at 4:00pm. Proposals may be submitted in hardcopy at the address above or digitally to


Municipal Mural Competition Winner

The Municipality is proud to announce that the inaugural winner of its Municipal Mural Competition is the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s local Health Equity and Social Justice Committee!

This Committee promotes health equity and taking social and just action to address disparities and health inequity across the province, with a particular focus on the Guysborough, Antigonish and Strait areas.  The Committee, which works out of St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, is made up of NSHA staff as well community members from the Antigonish, Guysborough and Strait areas that have a vested interest in the health, wellness and diversity of our community.

The Committee submitted a proposal to design a mural that would showcase the social determinants of health within the County of Antigonish.  Rather than the typical practice of using words and language, the mural will use visual images that represent the social determinants of health and how they come to bear on our lives here in Antigonish County.

sdh wordle6

Andrew Murray, a member of the Committee and local artist is a key leader in the work. Andrew is a well-known artist in the community and has created murals and artwork for the People’s Place Library, Town of Antigonish and the Brownstone Cafe as well as interior design work for Cameron’s Jewelry.

Like the Committee, the Municipality believes this is an excellent opportunity to bring together art, community and local government to showcase our diversity of assets and promote an understanding of what makes and keeps us healthy.

The mural should be adorning the Municipal Office at 285 Beech Hill Rd by the end of October, 2015.