Warden’s Message

Welcome. On behalf of Council, Staff and the residents of the Municipality of the County of Antigonish I welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit.

Our municipality has much to offer. Whether you are visiting or settling here, I believe the beauty and richness of the County will capture you.

Whether it be our rich, diverse culture; our services and amenities; our sense of community; or our commitment to sustainability all of these assets make living and doing business here simply the right thing to do!

We are a community that celebrates education and healthy active living. Our County is full of recreational opportunities for all ages, whether you are looking to learn to swim, get outdoors or go to the theatre, we have it all.

Enjoy your visit to our Community both virtually and in person.

If you are hoping to move or develop a business here I encourage you to contact us should you require information or assistance. If we can, our Municipal team of Staff and Council will welcome the opportunity to assist you.

Warden Russell Boucher

Russell Boucher, Warden
285 Beech Hill Road, RR6
Antigonish NS B2G 0B4

Phone: (902) 863-1117
Fax: (902) 863-5751