Solar Electricity For Community Buildings Pilot Program

Minister Samson made an announcement this afternoon that provides a great boost for Solar Energy in our province. This program is a pilot program run by the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. The program’s goals are to support community participation in renewable energy generation and and to learn more about how solar electricity can help Nova Scotia in it’s clean energy transition. For more information check out here:

Minister Samson, Councillor Mattie and Minister Delorey at the announcement this afternoon, Warden Boucher shared with the crowd information on the County’s 25kWh PV grid ties, roof mounted system and commended ACE and ACE coop for the work they have done locally to empower community organizations and individuals to make solar part of their energy reality.


Bulky Waste Collection – Spring, 2017

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish will conduct a curbside collection of Bulky Waste materials within the County of Antigonish during the weeks of May 22, 2017 and May 29, 2017. For additional information and the schedule for your Read More…


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